Besides being The I Know What Works Coach, Author and Speaker, I am also a podcast host. That means I have to have an almost never-ending list of people to interview for my audience. I like to have an inventory so I can take time away from recording, editing and posting podcasts.

So far, I have been really lucky.

Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. If I get really stuck, I could always go back to a prior guest that really has a lot of content to share or a new book just published and request that they book another date.

This has worked well for me and the listeners and the guests. However, as I keep moving forward on this podcast adventure, I change. I see that some of the topics I initially wanted to cover have been used too much in the podcast world. That means I have to come up with another point of view, another direction to check out.

I thought this would be an easy, simple project; it is not. I think if I change my own perspective on what I want the outcome to be, I can connect with more individuals that would make perfect guests.

I need another tactic and am thinking about adding more topics to my request list. This requires thought, a strategy and time.

This might help me as it has helped others. It might help you as well.


Joanne Victoria