Divya Parekh is a 3 time #1 International best-selling author, keynote speaker, business relationship and book writing coach who has had great success with entrepreneurs, coaches, aspiring authors and speakers. Divya’s books and strategies have been endorsed by the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), James Malinchak (ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Sherry Winn (Two-time Olympian) and many more.

Whether Divya is speaking, advising corporate clients, coaching business owners or helping authors to write their books and get published, she has a message that is essential to bringing success to anyone. That message has five tenets: 1. Servant Leadership  2. Collaboration not Competition  3. Build Relationships that Matter 4. Mindfulness works everywhere 5. Knight Yourself

‘Be at ease with the new norm. IT is rapidly changing.’
‘Upgrade your decision making process.’
‘Establish where you are at professionally all the time.’
‘Determine where your organization is going.’
‘Align your goals and values with the company.’

Free Audio program: http://success.divyaparekh.com/leadershipandinfluence/

So what do you think? Do you know where your organization is going? Are you ready for the rapidly changing IT world? Add your comments below so I can help and so others can learn.

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