In this episode of The Sanity Project podcast, host Joanne Victoria interviews Katherine Lazaruk, a leadership coach who began her career in image consulting. Lazaruk discusses her unconventional path to leadership development, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s inner child and being open to various career possibilities. She shares her experience of building a business around her corporate job and eventually transitioning to full-time consulting, aiding clients in climbing the corporate ladder. Lazaruk also touches on the concept of “web thinking” versus linear thinking, encouraging the idea that diverse experiences can eventually interconnect to form a fulfilling career path.

Katherine’s foray into the professional world began with a vision—quite literally. During a pivotal coaching session, she experienced a flash of inspiration that would become the foundation of her first business, ICU Image Consulting. Despite the lack of regulation in the industry and the initial uncertainty, Katherine’s entrepreneurial spirit was undeterred. She leaped, balancing her corporate job with her burgeoning business, until the recession presented an opportunity to go all in.

Katherine’s background in music and education, along with her experiences in opera and teaching, shaped her multifaceted approach to life and work. She observed that few people have the luxury of a single, linear career path. Instead, most of us create a mosaic of experiences that, over time, weave together to form a unique and fulfilling professional life.

Christine Gallagher

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