In this episode of The Sanity Project Podcast, host Joanne Victoria interviews multi-time author Brad Dude. They discuss Brad’s transition from non-fiction to fiction writing, the difference between leaders and managers, the role of millennials in management positions, and the importance of leadership in starting a business. Brad also explains the concept of temperament and its influence on our behavior and perception of others. He emphasizes the importance of understanding our shadow temperament to become better leaders. The episode concludes with Joanne praising Brad’s website and encouraging listeners to discover their own temperaments.

Christine Gallagher


  • ’They are promoted because of their technical ability, which is sounds great and there is nothing wrong with that, but they don’t get a lot of leadership or management training. It’s assumed that because they are very skilled technically, that that makes them a good leader or manager, and that’s just not the case.”
  • “They are to be a manager. But there is an expectation that they also are leaders and a distinction that Dr. Jim Colvard, the late former director of Navy Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia, he wrote a great article on it and allowed me to take some of his ideas about the differences and put it into my book. Leaders, Colvard says, do the right things where managers do things right. The difference is a leader is looking at the long term in the organization. Where are we going and where will it be five years from now? Managers are in the present.”

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