In this episode of The Sanity Project Podcast, host Joanne Victoria interviews Dr. William Attaway, a leadership and executive coach and lead pastor of Southview Community Church. They discuss the transferability of leadership principles across different contexts and the importance of having a teachable spirit. Dr. Attaway shares his 12-step process for effective leadership and emphasizes the need for clarity in setting goals and prioritizing tasks. He also explains how he helps individuals identify their blind spots and overcome obstacles. The episode concludes with Dr. Attaway inviting listeners to visit his website and offering a free copy of his book on catalytic leadership.

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘When you help a leader, you don’t just help that one person, you help every client or customer they are ever going to serve, you help every member of their team, if they’re married you help their spouse, they have kids you get to help their kids all by helping that one leader.”

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