In this podcast episode, Joanne interviews Jason Cercone, a veteran podcaster and brand builder. They discuss the art of podcasting, with Jason emphasizing the importance of providing value and compelling content as a guest. He compares podcast guesting to movie trailers, aiming to pique listeners’ interest. Jason also shares his transition from hosting “Evolution of Brand” to “Podcast Guesting Simplified,” reflecting his passion for helping others excel in podcasting. They touch on the challenges of guests focusing on sales pitches and the importance of consistency in episode lengths. The episode concludes with a discussion on Jason’s course on podcast guest pitching.

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘You make much better strides by showing up and bringing value to that podcast because that’s what that podcaster is looking for.’
  • “It’s all about creating this collaborative atmosphere where you’re not just creating podcast content but creating relationships that could lead to limitless opportunities.”

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