In this podcast episode of The Sanity Project Podcast, host Joanne Victoria interviews Sally Loftis, owner of Loftis Partners, a human resources consulting firm. They discuss various topics including pay equity, employee retention, leadership skills, and the challenges faced by non-profits and small businesses. Sally emphasizes the need for organizations to adapt and change their models to address these issues and suggests raising the minimum wage significantly. She also shares her experience of starting her own business during the pandemic and encourages others to consider starting a side hustle before transitioning full-time. Listeners are directed to visit Loftis Partners’ website for a free coaching session with Sally.

Sally Loftis and I explored the complexities of pay equity and employee retention in non-profits and small businesses. From the rising cost of living to stagnant wages, the need for organizations to adapt is evident. It is fascinating to unravel these challenges on The Sanity Project Podcast and comprehend the necessary changes.

Christine Gallagher

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