In this podcast episode, host Joanne Victoria introduces Tanaha Hairston, a successful entrepreneur and business strategist with a focus on helping women investors and business owners. Tanaha shares her journey of becoming financially independent after a divorce and starting her own business. They discuss the challenges women face in the investment world and the need for women to take control of their financial futures. Tanaha emphasizes the importance of women investing in themselves and treating themselves as leaders. They also highlight the various investment options available beyond traditional avenues and the importance of creating a supportive community for women to explore investment opportunities together.

Expanding Investment Opportunities

Tanaha explained that in the past, her options as a software engineer and MBA graduate were limited to working in corporate or starting her own business. However, she now realizes that there are more opportunities to grow her wealth, regardless of the initial amount. She emphasized the importance of investing to combat inflation. Tanaha expressed her enthusiasm for highlighting women who are investing and creating a supportive community where they can explore investment opportunities together.

She clarified that she is not investing on behalf of others but is instead vetting experts and facilitating discussions within the community. Tanaha emphasized the accountability and transparency within the community, where everyone knows who is investing and communicates openly. The conversation then shifted to normalizing discussions about investments, such as laundromats and parking garages.

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