In this podcast episode, Joanne Victoria interviews Kevin Hanegan, an expert on data and author of “Turning Data into Wisdom.” They discuss the concept of data and its importance in making better decisions. Kevin shares his background and how he developed software to help people analyze data effectively. They talk about the challenges of navigating information overload and the need for prioritization and mindfulness. Kevin emphasizes the importance of embracing new ways of thinking and having a well-rounded foundation in business, technology, learning, and psychology. They encourage listeners to approach data with an open mind and to be skeptical when interpreting it.

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘The Data Literacy Project and addressing information overload.’
  • ‘Are you more influenced by biases or open to robust data?’
  • ‘Study Data visualization and analytics software.’
  • ‘”Turning Data into Wisdom” – book by Kevin Hanegan

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