Have you ever felt like you were meant for something more, but struggled to find your voice? In this episode of The Sanity Project Podcast, host Joanne Victoria speaks with Lauri Smith, author of “Your Voice Matters” and intuitive public speaker and leadership coach, about discovering a life of clarity, confidence, sanity, and entrepreneurial success. Lori shares her journey to becoming a leadership coach and the importance of finding one’s authentic voice and connecting it with their purpose.

Lauri defines visionaries as a new generation of open-hearted leaders who are reluctant to claim the word “leader” due to their aversion to command or dictatorial leadership. She encourages her clients to connect with kindred spirits in the room and create intimacy with the audience, rather than seeing them as antagonistic. Lauri also shares her experience with voice coaching and the importance of removing resistance to accessing an infinite number of sounds and vocal mannerisms. She believes that everyone has their unique brand of charisma and innate radiance that can shine through when they remove the world’s suppression and connect with their authentic voice.

If you are looking to overcome your fear of public speaking and find your authentic voice, Lauri suggests setting the intention for the vibe you want to create in the room, aligning your body, breath, and energy with your highest, most expressive self, and inviting the audience moment by moment to join you in that intention. She also recommends creating rituals before and after speaking engagements to prepare and recover.

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  • ‘Align your breath with your highest, most expressive self.’
  • ‘Invite your audience to join you in that intention.’
  • ‘Create rituals before and after speaking engagement to prepare and recover.’
  • ‘Discover your unique brand of charisma.’

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