Patricia Lindner is a multi-passionate Soul and Career Alchemist and Founder at North Star Career. She invites accomplished women and men who feel stuck or dissatisfied in their current career to embark on a creative, intuitive and joyful discovery journey to connect with their true calling. She believes that life is a canvas and that everyone is able to co-create an extraordinary and fulfilled life beyond outer success.

Her holistic, anti-coaching approach ensures logic-defying, instant results and revelations and gets people easily out of their heads and into their hearts. Besides highly customized 1:1 experiences and group programs, she also hosts international retreats that ensure joy, adventure and transformation on many levels.

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  • ‘Get out of your head.’
  • ‘You are not your job.’
  • ‘Too many people are attached to their story.’
  • ‘Vibration = Joy.’

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