Dianna Leeder, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and American Confidence Institute Certified Confidence Coach, is an award-winning author, podcaster, and owner of Crave More Life Coaching. She has dedicated the last four decades to intuitively helping people find and use their voices and have the relationships they want, need, and desire.

Dianna’s own path of un-silencing has become the journey through which she coaches others and certifies Find Your Voice Healers. While holding the power of each of us to align to ourselves, live our purpose, and heal, as sacred and honorable, her message is simple, “Look inside.”

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘Women’s issues have kept them silent.’
  • ‘We are all silenced in one way or another.’
  • ‘Remove the armor.’
  • ‘Check out your father figure.’
  • ‘Find YOUR voice.’

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