Pamela Brinker, author of ‘Conscious Bravery’ has been a licensed clinical psychotherapist for over twenty years, guiding clients on their journeys through pain into bravery. A speaker as well, she teaches concepts and techniques which help those attempting to manage their lives while they assist loved ones who suffer with addictions and mental health issues.

Pamela has created her own valuable tools and practices to cultivate bravery and find greater freedom. She is married and has two sons who have struggled with addiction and mental health issues. A former elite athlete, she loves the mountains as well as the ocean and lives in Colorado.

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  • ‘What is Consciousness Bravery?’
  • ‘We have not got the luxury of despair.’
  • ‘Be calm in your mind.’
  • ‘Be present.’
  • ‘Live in the middle.’

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