Kara Charron is a digital marketing expert and coach who’s been featured on CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS & USA Today. She’s helped best-selling authors, bloggers, coaches, digital course creators, influencers, (and more) to reach their true potential. Over the years, Kara’s started businesses, coached businesses, and even been an executive of a multi-million-dollar ads agency. One of her greatest accomplishments is creating her first multi-million-dollar business in her twenties.

Having failed hard on her journey toward success, she’s learned tough lessons along the way but never gave up thanks to her resilience. She’s passionate about helping business owners break through their limits and blow up their business with a mini marketing machine.

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  • ‘Fail forward on your way to success.’
  • ‘Focus on gratitude.’
  • ‘Wealth can be stressful.’
  • ’Embrace the word failure.’
  • ‘Life is a journey. Embrace it.’

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