After working in hospital administration for 20 years, Steven Campbell acquired his Masters in Information Technology to pursue his greatest love…teaching. He then became a professor, dean, and professional speaker for another 30 years.

Since writing his third book, Making Your Mind Magnificent, Steven has been conducting seminars around the world to enable his audiences to absolutely thrive in these unprecedented times.

He does so by teaching and demonstrating how we can replace negative messages with positive ones during these challenging times. He then shows how our brains can make these new messages a part of who…we…are!

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘The brain believes everything we tell it.’
  • ‘When you choose to reframe, replace with positive words.’
  • ‘Feelings com form what we believe has happened.’
  • ‘There are 84,000 opportunities each day to change.’
  • ‘When you mess up, throw away the list.’

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