Kathryn Burmeister, The Happiness Lawyer, is a native of Atlanta. She earned her bachelor’s and law degrees from Mercer University. She is a lawyer, author, speaker, mentor, and coach. Kathryn started her own law firm in October of 2018 and focuses exclusively on personal injury by giving a voice to those that have been hurt because of someone else.

She wrote her first book, “Overcoming Addiction to the Status Quo,” in 2020 and began speaking about self-care, business, and law the same year. Kathryn has a particular passion for mental health, self-improvement, and emotional intelligence, which she integrates into her legal practice, speaking, writing, and coaching as well.

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  • ‘There is no work life balance.’
  • ‘Life is what your values are about.’
  • ‘Prevent yourself from getting to the rock bottom of your addiction.’
  • ‘Create an inventory of you and your life.’
  • ‘Don’t give up on yourself.’

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