Trina L. Martin is a technologist, speaker, author, and podcaster. An accomplished IT professional and retired U.S. Naval Officer with 30 years of service, she has broken barriers and made strides in her career that many said weren’t possible. She uses her experiences to motivate audiences to overcome adversity, develop self-determination and discipline. Trina also inspires emerging leaders to pursue their wildest dreams with heart and grit.

Naturally skilled at finding the harmony between technology, science, and data, she has led a stellar career in the Information Technology field. Trina now helps her clients elevate their business by using secure communication technologies.

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  • ‘We are tired of fighting over pay and promotion.’
  • ‘Women of color need more opportunities in Tech.’
  • ‘Be beholden to your goals.’
  • ‘We must empower others.’
  • ‘“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

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