Sandy Vo is a visionary, meditation teacher and yogi. She is the founder of globally rated Prosperous the Podcast and her signature transformation program; Prosperous: School of Self-realization, a 90-day integrative breakthrough experience for modern-day leaders. Sandy encountered the path of meditation after living with crippling depression and anxiety for most of her teen years. Through practicing self-transformation methods, she learned how to self-heal mental, emotional, physical trauma, and break generational patterns.

Sandy Vo supports others in bridging the gap between the outer world of achievements and the inner world of fulfillment. Sandy is also the co-founder of a conscious media platform, Ladies Aligned.

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  • ‘What is important to you?’
  • ‘Dive deep into your own true nature.’
  • ‘Meditation is key to peace.’
  • ‘Be present.’

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