After starting her own business in 1995 as a corporate trainer, Susan Rooks changed her direction in 2012, focusing primarily on editing/copyediting, working on a wide variety of nonfiction and/or business-related documents.

Knowing that many excellent writers have lost track of their early American grammar training, Susan provides the knowledge of the rules, the wisdom to know when to break them, and the love for helping all authors look and sound as smart as they are.

She also offers free one-hour presentations on Mastering the LinkedIn Profile Basics, American Grammar, and DiSC® (so far) to the members of any civic or nonprofit group, all to help the attendees add a little more polish to their professionalism.

One of her favorite mottos is “A rising tide lifts all boats.

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘All LinkedIn messages need a purpose.’
  • ‘LinkedIn comments are the Secret Sauce.’
  • ‘The Grammar Goddess offers a Free one-page assessment!’
  • ‘Learn the difference between American style and British style grammar.’

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