Eileen Bild, Certified Life Coach, Producer/Videographer and published writer holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. Eileen has a column with BIZCATALYST360.com and Womensvoices.com and contributes articles to lifecoachingmagazine.net. Eileen helps individuals and businesses to improve engagement skills, develop positive focus and create powerful change for success.

“Your mind is a powerful tool.”
“There are no accidents – all things converge to bring us what we envision, believe and perceive.”
“It’s OK to make mistakes.”
“Confidence takes practice.”
“You can change your core thinking.”


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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria, host of the The San • IT Project podcast, author of 7 books including Lighting Your Path - How To Create the Life You Want, partners with IT Professionals who want more success, more confidence, more fun and more inner peace.
Joanne Victoria
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