After receiving her MBA and starting her career in the corporate world, Resa Shore ran a successful marketing and design business for over 20 years. As an entrepreneur, money issues became of particular interest. Coupled with the impact of childhood money experiences, she was motivated to shift directions and become a Certified Money Coach. Resa has been helping people change their lives ever since. She’s a born problem solver and possesses an unusual mix of strong intuitive ability and concrete sequential thinking that makes her empathetic, yet laser focused on the realities of personal finance.

Resa works with clients individually both remotely and in person. Her clients experience profound changes in their lives when they take control of their money.

‘A Money Coach helps people in their day to day lives.’
‘It does not matter how much money people have – the more money they have will not solve their problems.’
‘Budget is not a bad word – use Spending Plan instead.’
‘Saving money is your ticket to freedom.’
‘Avoid credit card debt.’

Resa Shore offers listeners a Free 30 Minute consultation at:

Back to you! What did you think of Resa’s Top Five Money Strategies? Are you satisfied with your money health? Do you have any tisp on how your keep you money & life healthy?

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