No one can force creativity. Creativity is part of life, both personal and professional and is essential to many. Creativity helps you to see an image in your mind and translate it either to words, action plans or both.

The harder you try to be creative, the fewer results will be achieved. Many of us have multiple thoughts, ideas and worries in our minds, however, if stressed or worried, you will block creativity.

If you find a quiet space and let your subconscious mind develop ideas you can also invite your intuition to help you with this project or plan.

Always ask the question, ‘What is my next step?’

You can also take a walk and ignore trivial thoughts that may be rummaging around in your brain. Then, after about 15-20 minutes, take out your pen a paper and download all the thoughts that then come into your consciousness.

The less stress you are in will make it easier for ideas to flow. Don’t push this process.

You may have more information than you wanted – just keep track of all these thoughts. They may come in handy at a later time. This can be a magical process.

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Joanne Victoria