Bonnie Burkett, author of ENOUGH! The College Cost Crisis- How to Protect Your Wallet and Your Student’s Financial Future, after building and personally leading an award-winning insurance agency from the ground up these last 35 years, decided it is time to return to her roots. At her core Bonnie is an educator- she has educated clients on all things insurance for decades. For the sheer joy of it, Bonnie Burkett has produced over 40 insurance continuing education courses, as well as a variety of topical presentations to service, church and business organizations.

She found her wonderful husband Dave & they have great adult daughter Sara. Almost not finding the right school for her daughter triggered a 12-year slow burn about college costs, graduation rates, and the crazy FAFSA. So, Bonnie wrote a book to help break the shackles of college debt.


  • ‘Look at your student. Not everyone is going to win a full ride.’
  • ‘Set up a spread sheet that shows what each college offers.’
  • ‘Negotiate everywhere.’
  • ‘The student needs to totally involve themselves in the college experience.’
  • ‘Do not search for perceived prestige colleges.’

Joanne Victoria