Distractions can destroy your day, especially if you work in an office with numerous people and very little privacy.

The short wall between your desk and the person in front of you is insufficient to the task as far as getting serious work completed.

If you are on a team, as many companies now utilize as teams produce results faster and easier, you will probably have a specific assignment.

Now what?  You have this assignment yet do not know where to begin.

Look at the outcome you are attempting to achieve and design High Value Activities to achieve them.

Be intentional about using all your resources to complete this aspect of the project.

Do not let roaming individuals distract you. If Joe comes to your desk, tell him you are busy and will get back to him; choose a specific time for this as well as the length of the interaction.

If he concurs, good; if he wants more time, you will have to inform Joe that you are busy and have a time crunch and unless it is an emergency, his issue will have to wait.

There – you have accomplished two things. You have created your line in the sand as to time and how you will use it and you still acknowledged co-worker Joe’s concerns.

Back to your project. Your contribution to the team and extended corporate business is important. If you have a big piece of the pie, break it down into digestible bites and create High Value Activities to complete it. In this instance, an HVA is an action step that will help you fulfill your commitment.

For example, if you have to design a Power Point presentation, write down the steps it takes to complete this part of the project. Gather the data that will be incorporated into the Power Point presentation. This research is an HVA. Research is very important as you want to back up your selections with the best information out there.

Learn to create and adhere to your boundaries on the job. Create HVAs to break down your tasks. Ensure that you are not distracted. Your path to success just got a little bit easier.

High Value Activities (HVAs) are step to ensure that you will succeed and you will help your company succeed.

Reading email is not an HVA, unless the emails are specific to your task. Getting distracted is certainly not an HVA.

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Joanne Victoria