Christy Warnick, a spiritual teacher, is a true believer in miracles – that anything is possible – and helps people transform their lives for the better. Christy brings that energy and intention with her into each session along with what is for the highest and best good by connecting with the highest Source and other divine beings. Each session is different and custom designed for you because everyone is unique in their own way. It is her purpose to be an energy healer and spiritual teacher along with other gifts of the Holy Spirit; that is why energy healing, spiritual awakening, manifesting and being connected to the Divine resonates with her.


  • ‘You can learn to heal yourself of past traumas with energy healing.’
  • ‘Anything is possible when all is energy.’
  • ‘Heal the present and you no longer have the past trauma within you.’
  • ‘Even skeptics can benefit. It helps if skeptics believe in possibilities.’
  • ‘Everyone is unique in their own way and open to spiritual awakening.’

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