Shelley Brown BELIEVES mindfulness is not what we’ve all been led to believe.

Rather than a focus on what’s often seen as woo-woo, weird and uncomfortable approaches, SHE knows it’s a practice of rock stars…a practice that can transcend “calm”…a practice that trains our brains to embrace and extend time in the present, providing the foundations of self-awareness, increased resilience, and greater wellbeing.

Shelley Brown spent over two decades in the corporate world in regional and national director level roles. And, today she remains connected to the business world as a keynote speaker, webinar and workshop facilitator inviting leaders and teams to a practice that trains our brains to achieve remarkable calm, focus, and resilience. The end result? We can show up better for our lives and better together.


  • ‘Mindfulness is the only way to practice self-awareness.’
  • ‘You can train your brain.’
  • ‘You can show up better for your life.’
  • ‘How are you being in the moment?’
  • ‘We must be in alignment without our own values.’

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