Wendy Vaughan loves to help entrepreneurs make a big impact by giving them support to become great at speaking with prospects and convert them into happy clients!

Wendy is a career sales professional with 22 years of sales experience – which includes 16 as an entrepreneur and 6 years in corporate sales – she even felt her parenting role was 50% sales!

However, early in her professional career, Wendy was failing miserably.

Then, out of sheer survival needs, and because of her analytical brain, Wendy made a powerful discovery that made selling easy, repeatable and predictable.

Wendy Vaughn cracked the code on exactly what needs to occur during sales conversations for qualified prospects to feel confident and excited about saying “Yes!” to what’s offered.

Wendy’s passion and true pleasure is helping others learn simple moves that make selling easy so they can get endless clients and make a greater impact.


  • ‘Selling can be easy.’
  • ‘Be brave.’
  • ‘Develop a leadership role of offering.’
  • ‘Service is the magic.’
  • ‘Have authentic conversations.’

Predictable Sales Results

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