Sejal Thakkar is founder and Chief Civility Officer of TrainXtra. As Sejal grew up in a suburb of Chicago, she fought hatred and discrimination on a regular basis. She refused to allow ignorance, insensitivity, and the bullying conduct of others impact her inner “ninja”. Armed with knowledge she gained from these experiences, Sejal teaches that harassment will not stop on its own – it’s up to all of us to be part of the fight to stop workplace harassment. Sejal passionately transforms the workplace and education settings into places of civility by empowering others to be a part of the solution.

Sejal’s passion for training led her to create TrainXtra, a proactive training practice where she brings the wealth of her employment law expertise in customized training to executives, managers and non-managers in an interactive, engaging environment.


  • ‘There is a breakdown in communication.’
  • ‘Being civil in organizations empowers everyone.’
  • ‘Analyze your workforce.’
  • ‘Help shape positive company culture.’
  • ‘We are all responsible.’

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