Adita Lang is the author of ‘Super Powers – the Busy Women’s Guide to Health & Happiness’. Adita’s mission is to inspire women to live life with their true potential in the forefront. She shares the easiest ways of incorporating women’s health rituals so that they become lifelong habits. Fitness was important after an accident and women’s health and wellness became more prevalent than ever. She began seeing how quality foods, as well as sleep and recovery were a vital component of overall health and vitality.


  • The Four Pillars of Health for Women’s Healthcare- Food & Nutrition, Exercise, Happiness and Sleep & Relationships.
  • Kids laugh about 400 times per day; adults laugh about 52 times per day.
  • For each cup of coffee, you drink in the morning, drink another of water.
  • Drink lots of water each day; move a bit, at least; watch your sugar, flour, dairy and alcohol intake.
  • Shut the lights off every night for a great sleep.

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