For the past 20+ years, Alejandro Esch, author of Bright Light Dark Pandemic: How COVID 19 Illuminated the Need for Change Management, has been focusing on areas such as Performance Improvement, Coaching, Team Building, Instructional Systems Design and Change Management. He has worked in several industries and organization across the world. In the US he has worked and lived in California, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas. He also lived and worked in Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Holland, India and England. He has a passion for people and cultures around the world. It is for this reason Alejandro Esch has dedicated his professional life to Change Management and Performance Improvement in organizations. His Consulting business, Proactive Performance Consulting, works with systematic approaches that are fun, interactive and effective in improving human and organizational performance. He is fully dedicated to sharing and exchanging experiences, knowledge & tools to as many people and organizations as possible.


  • ‘A sense of urgency comes from Leadership.’
  • ‘Discover what prevents a smooth change in your life.’
  • ‘Be ready for change.’
  • ‘Know that there is a performance.’
  • ‘Determine where to focus your strengths.’

Joanne Victoria