For David E. White, his study of resilience is not out of curiosity or peripheral interest, rather more like a wilderness hiker searches for the next water source while holding an empty canteen. Dave was orphaned at an early age, married at eighteen and threw himself into a vocational life with a drive to prove his value. This drive led to several successful start-ups, exponential sales growth and miraculous turnarounds; and ultimately, burnout. David E. White holds a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, is a columnist in Sask Business Magazine and is currently COO of Legacy Group of Companies.

‘Internal resilience is your own self-awareness, self-talk and the space between stimulus and response.’
‘Choose to trust co-workers.’
‘Be aware of what others go through.’
‘Anxiety is at an all-time high.’
‘Decision is a trust. Your environment must be trustworthy.’

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