Karla Brandau is the author of How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, a 21st century leadership book. She is a thought leader on how to create a culture in your organization that enables employees to give discretionary effort on a regular basis.

Karla is a keynote speaker, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an earned designation given by National Speakers Association, Certified Facilitator and Registered Corporate Coach.

Karla Brandau is the CEO of Brandau Power Institute, a management consulting firm with expertise in 4-quadrant personality, strengthening the touch points between managers and employees, and increasing the productivity of work teams.

Her clients include corporations such as Coca-Cola Enterprises and Panasonic as well government agencies including the EPA, NIH, and the FDA.


  • ‘Problems are easy.’
  • ‘Start a Vision. Values, Goals, Outcome project.’
  • ‘Kick open the door.’
  • ‘A good leader creates vision.’
  • ‘Find the job that fits the energy alignment.’


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