Purdeep Sangha helps successful entrepreneurs master themselves so they can master their own life. His personal mission is to help men live more fulfilling lives, have passionate relationships and raise happy families. As an entrepreneur, husband and father, Purdeep knows exactly how tough it can be to balance a successful business with a happy family. Purdeep is a pioneer in the Inner Force Formula (IFF), a system developed using performance psychology, latest neuroscience and the ancient art of mindfulness to align a man’s life energy, mind and emotions to create exponential confidence, performance, vitality, wealth, time, options, joy and fulfillment.


  • ‘Men are faced with interesting challenges on their entrepreneurial path.’
  • ‘It is almost a negative to be masculine.’
  • ‘Both men and women are being challenged.’
  • ‘Be aligned with your inner self.’
  • ‘It’s toxic stupidity, not toxic masculinity.’


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