It never ceases to amaze me how many people do not eat breakfast!

From trades-people to service providers, executives to kids, real estate agents to bankers, they do not eat the meal that breaks the fast.

The meal that would make them stronger, healthier and much easier to be around.

I have found that people who do not eat breakfast are extremely cranky.

These individuals’ idea of breakfast may either be a cup of coffee or tea, or even fruit juice, all useless by themselves. The caffeine drinks jazz them up and the fruit juice is just sugar, which has a similar effect. A huge rise and a great fall.

People who have not had a healthy breakfast can be cranky, abrupt, and short-tempered and have a bad memory.

Some say they have no time. Well, if you have time to get dressed, you have time to eat something. Get up earlier to exercise, meditate and eat breakfast!

Susan has been in her field for over twenty years. Her point is that she either sleeps or eats breakfast, and sleeping always wins out. The best she has been able to accomplish regarding breakfast is a protein drink. Not bad, but could be better.

Susan says that if she sleeps, gets into work on time, there is usually a staff meeting. The meeting ends at 11:00 AM or so and too late for breakfast, so wait for lunch. Starving, the employees run off to gorge on lunch, yet still have to work hard in the afternoon. Most times, they have eaten two meals in one, of which most will turn to fat and they will certainly be drowsy during the remainder of the day.

Protein is good for breakfast; so, consider making hard-boiled eggs at the beginning of the week. Best case scenario, take an egg in the car each day and eat a few grams of protein. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, scramble some tofu in advance, roll into an organic tortilla and you are on your way.

A nasty side effect from not eating breakfast is over-eating at lunch. Too much food, too little time to digest and it quickly turns to fat. Which means you gain weight.

A benefit from eating breakfast is that it helps you maintain or even lose weight.

And it is better for the brain, and me, especially if I have to talk business with you.

So, do yourself, your co-workers and me a favor.

Need help in incorporating breakfast in your life?


Joanne Victoria