After watching the hit and miss approach that often comes with traditional psychotherapy and after hitting her own rough patch where traditional strategies were not enough, Jessica Ehrenworth knew there must be more.

 Jessica realized that the way we approach conventional mental and emotional health is extremely limited and keeps most clients on an unhealthy roller coaster of crisis, which never actually heals the symptoms or issues.

Jessica Ehrenworth is a Registered Psychotherapist and Counselor with graduate degrees in Psychology, Homeopathy and Spirituality. After a decade as a therapist, today she serves as a healer, counselor, energy worker and intuitive who helps people create soul-full lives.

‘When you stuff your emotions down, you become passive.’
‘Allow each person to be heard.’
‘Slow down. Use your emotions as a your guide.’
‘Have your own boundaries for your game of life’.
‘Be clear about the rules in your sandbox.’

Free gift for listeners: ‘The Assertive Solution’

Back to you! Do your emotions sometimes overwhelm you? Do you have personal boundaries? Let us know!

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