Raised in South Carolina, Amanda Graham’s adult life has been lived in Colorado, San Francisco, Atlanta, and North Carolina. Her path has not been straight nor has it always been clear, but the common threads have been a passionate curiosity about human behavior and a desire to be of service.

Amanda’s early work as a professional actor was an immersion in understanding people and relationships as the foundation for sharing the human experience. My passion for animals led to work in animal welfare, including prosecuting the first felony dog fighting case in North Carolina.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, and an executive in a large, mission-driven managed care company, Amanda incorporated all of her life experiences to partner with people and organizations to guide them in creating transformational change. She has taken risks, listened to her inner wisdom, and said ‘yes’ to opportunities that seemed out of reach at the time. Now she guides and support others to develop the skills to do the same through.

‘We all want peace and more comfort.’
‘Mindfulness is about the quality of awareness we bring to the workplace.’
‘The brain creates about 300-600 thoughts per minute.’
‘Tame the mind.’
‘Accept it even if you do not like it.’


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