Kyle Busch is my favorite all time driver in NASCAR. He is a 2015 NASCAR Champion, is Number 1 in points for 2018, yet did not win the finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida.

Kyle had made it to the Top Four drivers for NASCAR’s Championship run. All he (and the other drivers) had to do was beat the other three drivers. Sounds easy, however, everyone and everything had to run on all cylinders.

What happened?

Some of Kyle’s team members (crew) were late to the game and his car was not up to par. You would think that after driving 35+ races and winning 8 of them in 2018, everyone would have their act together.

But they didn’t.

Thousands of Kyle Busch fans, myself included, were devastated. All signs pointed to a 2018 NASCAR Championship for the Number 18, Kyle Busch. Kyle also lost a lot of money by not coming in first.

So, on to 2019. Can’t change the past, just look forward to the future. At least, that’s similar to what Kyle Busch said at his final interview after the race.

What about you?

Can you move forward with as much energy, resilience and desire if your project failed after investing thousands of hours and dollars in this endeavor?

Has your team failed you?

Do you feel like a failure?

How will you get back to your center, to the place from where you function the best?

Need a bit of help along the way?



Joanne Victoria