A Teacher a Mystic and a Visionary, Tia LaVoie is walking the medicine roads around the world to share with Others the knowledge and wisdom necessary to transmutate the process of suffering into the power of loving creation, expressed.

Working under the tutelage of a wizened Grandmother and Her formal Teacher, Mr. Patrick Collard- Tia has walked the path of life’s experiences to access the Inner-Wisdoms of the tribes of the Navajo, the Xhosa, and the Pa’qo medicine lineages of Peru.

Through Inner-observation leading to Self-realization- Love truly is the answer to every question asked.


  • ‘What will you do today with purpose?’
  • ‘Be willing & receptive when you hear a message form your heart.’
  • ‘Take old stories to new situations.’
  • ‘The old story will give you guidance.’
  • ‘Go to the scary places.’


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