Spring is here (in most places) and you are still doing a lot – at your office, at home, and in your community. You are giving back to the world with as much energy as you can. Yet you still feel as if you are not worthy of all your efforts, not worthy of even being alive; you are ready to get back in bed and pull the covers over yourself.

Why? Because you are completing these actions of giving back by rote, not from your heart.

It is time to take note of who you are in this big wide world of ours.

It’s back to listmaking.

Create a list that includes how important you are to others at your business.

What would they miss about you if you were not there?

I believe you do not recognize the difference you make in peoples’ lives. You have a great sense of humor, you know your job and you have great relationships with these people. What is the real reason you feel uncomfortable?

Do you not appreciate yourself? Are you comparing yourself to others?

What about your home life? You continue to question what you bring to this part of your life. Do others in your family care about you? Do you care about yourself anymore?

What can you do now?

It’s back to basics here. Get a pad of paper, and a pen and find a quiet place.

Now is time to write down your values and note what is important to you other than contributing to those at work and home. Personal values are fundamental and will support you as long as you believe in them.

One of these values needs to be, must be, that you are worth it. It should be your first value, at least for now.

Because it is true – you are worthy. Keep reminding yourself of this, with all your heart.

Want to talk about your self-worth? Click here and let’s go!

Joanne Victoria

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Joanne Victoria