Kyle Busch wins the race at the Pocono Raceway, The Tricky Triangle, while in fourth gear and running out of gas.

50 laps to go, stuck in fourth gear, running out of gas, team member jumps in the passenger side of the car to (hopefully) fix the clutch. Didn’t work. Nothing changes.

And he still wins the race. With no clutch.

Perseverance will win in the end.

Along with a bit of music to make it less stressful. Kyle was singing Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band during some of these shenanigans. He sure slipped into the future with this one!

For those who wonder why I am referring to Kyle Busch, my (only) all-time favorite NASCAR driver ever, it is because he epitomizes how an entrepreneur functions.

>Sticking it out till the end.

>Overcoming obstacles.

>Maintaining a sense of humor.

>Asking for help when needed.

>Holding that spiritual outlook.

>Never giving up although others may give up on him (or you)

He has courage, hutzpah, a sense of humor, and is a great leader and coach not only of his family but also his own truck race team and probably loads of other successes I don’t know about.

Kyle Busch was not expected to win this race. Announcers and other sideliners ( you may have a few of your own) said, oh, poor Kyle! He will just have to hang in there until the end of the race.

Wrong. Again.

As others were running out of gas all around him and he was holding on to his shifter (stuck in fourth gear and no clutch, remember?) he outwaited everyone until the very end. Kyle saved just enough fuel to win this race.

That’s what it’s all about people.

Never ever give up because you don’t know who else will fall back and lose.

This is what I am talking about.

If you want to win and have the courage to hang on when all around you are failing and flailing, contact me here.

Joanne Victoria





Joanne Victoria