Patience is a virtue. We have heard this for a long time, yet what does it truly mean?  In fact, the significance of this statement goes back to the 1300s where the line was – ‘Patience is the greatest virtue’.

If you have patience, you will not be rolled over by frustration when you have to stay late and finish a project that is not yet complete to the customer’s satisfaction.

You take a deep breath, calm down, and off you go.

Until the next time.

Impatience or frustrations stands in the way of your intuition as well. When you are clouded with thoughts of anger, your intuition is not able to connect with you. When patient, your intuition will guide you to completion of whatever you are working on.

Frustration along with anger prevents you from being healthy, both mentally and physically.

If you develop patience at work, you will be more capable to work with others and complete your tasks. Impatience will bring frustration and with that, the inability to either listen to others or direct others to follow your lead.

When you are impatient, you may procrastinate. Impatience is an idea killer. Let it go. Let things that usually bother you, not affect you. When you procrastinate your creativity is lost.

Patience is underrated as a value or virtue yet it shouldn’t be. You are in this life for the long haul. Make it easier on yourself and start practicing patience. When one says ‘Hang in there.’, this is what they mean.

Be patient. It will come to you.

Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria