In order to improve the way you live your life, you must acknowledge that you are in charge of your life, that anything you think can become a reality, and that this is not personal in the sense that you do not have what it takes.

With a little bit of playfulness, loads of patience, and trust in the Universe (really) you have what it takes to transform your life and create new habits or beliefs.

Just so you know, the existing habits that you want to change or transform have been there a long time. You planted a seed in the furrow of your brain, fed the seed with repetition and thoughts, kept the rut clean of weeds (other beliefs), and followed the path to where you are now.

This is where patience comes in handy. Once you plant new seeds, you will need to water, feed, weed, and follow this new path to a belief that you designed and created that is beneficial to you.

Just so you know, beliefs overrule desires.

To add or create a new belief you have to first make a decision.

What do you want?

This is a bottom-line question. First, declare what you want. If possible, find a picture of what this looks like. An emotional relationship to what you want your new belief to provide you is vital.  Start getting excited now!

Clarity of Intent

Focus on the end result or outcome and action taken with the expectation to realize that what you want is the way to go.

Do not give up, ever. If you want help, contact me here for a free, brief chat.

Joanne Victoria


Joanne Victoria