Many miss the opportunity to hug their loved ones right now. Those of you, especially into the touchy-feely part of relationships, are missing friends big time; to hold a hand, touch their face, and enjoy their company

How can you express love to all you cherish?

This holiday time is a perfect, usual time to focus on your loved ones. You look and look for the right gift for the people you love; you send them these gifts. Yet many of you are not in the same room with them when these gifts are opened.

Adapting is necessary today.

And what about other times of the year? I believe anytime is a good time to show others you love and cherish them.

Anytime at all; you can adapt to show your love to others.

You can express love in many ways. It is not necessary to buy gifts to let others know how you feel about them.

You can call (yes use the telephone) to check on a loved one.

You can send a loved one a greeting card or a letter.

You can offer to have dinner delivered to someone you care about.

You can take a walk with someone you care about; even today.

You can have a walk and talk with a friend who lives far away; your phone has many useful options!

You can share a favorite book with someone who you think would love it.

There are many ways to express love to those you care for.

How would you express love other than Holiday gifts?

Tell me here how you would do this.


Joanne Victoria