Do you sometimes find that when you want something, be it money, clients, products, or relationships, that you appear to be traveling down a congested highway?

Well, that problem can be easily solved. Yes, easily.

Actually easily and effortlessly. People make too big of a thing about doing something. Just do it. But, before you do it, clear your mind, therefore the highway. It’s interesting that in different states, roads are labeled differently.

In New York it’s a thruway, in California it’s a freeway, neither of which seems to apply when you are trying to get from point A to point B. How about removing the obstacles?

OK, you may not be able to move the actual autos physically, but I can attest to the fact that you can ease the flow of traffic just by thinking about it. Calmly.

What would be an easy way to receive more money or clients? Think about it coming to you! What would be the effortless way of creating new ideas or business? Create some space and time, you don’t need much, and ask for what you want. Then, write it down and ask your friends to help.

You don’t have to do this alone. Go on your social media, send an e-mail to everyone you know, and ask for help. Start connecting. There is an easier way where there are no obstacles. You have a choice. Do you want to do it the easy way or the hard way?

Let’s look at why some choose the hard way.

Those who don’t get what they want can be righteous in not deserving what they want and continue to complain about how badly the world and everyone in it treat them. They persist in not taking responsibility for their lives. They become an emotional drain to be with: they start losing all their friends and associates, then money and jobs. Maybe they no longer go forward in life.

Bottom line is, they stagnate. If you try easy, even saying the words will change how your body and mind integrate this new method. Take a deep breath. Say it; “Try easy.” Now, this does not mean taking the easy way out by giving up on your values. Try easy means you are willing to give up suffering and the battle of the wills. Your wills, your dark and light sides. Try easy.

What could it hurt?

You could get what you really want.


Joanne Victoria