Back when we were all having fun instead of what the heck it is we are doing now, I went to a concert in Golden Gate Park, a short drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco.

I was part of a group and there were thousands of people at this particular concert. After a bit, some got restless, others wanted to use the facilities which were probably about a quarter of a mile away on a hillside.

I returned to the spot from which we had first gathered and I was the only one of our party there. I looked around and so no one I knew.

Well, I said, Joanne, ‘You’re a big girl and can take care of yourself. Now what?’

Well I waited and waited, nothing happened; no one from my group came. I then remembered that someone a long time ago said ‘If you stay in the same spot long enough, the world will pass you by.’

So I made a decision not to wander, to not get lost within this huge group, to not go back to the car – who knew where that was? I decided to stop. So I did.

I placed myself in one spot, relaxed, and waited.

Soon, my group started walking by, one by one. They were all fine and assumed I had been in the crowd. Sidebar: this was a time when I unknowingly was an introvert functioning as an extrovert.

Maybe the whole world did not pass me by, but the important parts of my world did.

Stop running. Just stop.

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Joanne Victoria