In order to attain your vision or current project, you must reach, to work at your maximum potential. In order to always reach, you must take care of yourself.

You must eat properly, rest sufficiently, and exercise as much as you can; a schedule is advised. You will know if you are doing the right thing once you reach a benchmark or plateau. You will know when you have reached a benchmark when your body, speech, and mind speak to you in a rhythm that moves you forward.

A plateau requires going over your action plan and reorganizing or reframing it.

I sometimes sign off my messages with the word Onward. What is implied with the use of this word, to be clear is that you must let the past go. You will not achieve new results with old patterns and habits. Break them all- one at a time, or in bunches. Sometimes when you release a powerful yet needless habit, other habits just slide away.

Show up each and every day that you do what you do, prepared to work. Come to the table with 100% of yourself or else why bother.

Lack of confidence in what you are doing will threaten the project. In a conversation with a recent podcast guest, we discussed that some people may bring 40% of a needed value to the task; others may bring 90%; neither is sufficient as they are both below the 100% required to finish the project.

Getting what you want is work, people, especially if you want it done right.

You can rest and celebrate when completion and success are achieved.

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Joanne Victoria