This past week I went to Costco to pick up a pair of prescription sunglasses; my life is easier with Costco prescription glasses – cheaper too.  This was my second visit to a Costco store in the past six months.

I asked the optician who waited on me how he was doing during this time, especially with the West Coast fires (I live near Seattle and we get all the smoke from everywhere!). The optical area was in a direct line to a Costco entrance where you could see the gray smoke infiltrating into the store as well as customers moving through.

He shared that most people are frightened, of what he did not know; we further discussed this topic of fear and we agreed it was fear of the unknown and uncontrollable. In his position as a professional helping people see better, he shared with me that he was most diligent in knowing that people were less afraid and happier after a conversation with him. This was not said out of ego, just that he did not want others to suffer anymore.

He said that this was his job, to help quell the fear and have a conversation with the individual about what is going on outside of themselves. For him, it was a natural way of communicating with people.

Of course, this is an act of compassion, i.e., not wanting others to suffer; he did a splendid job. Not that he needed it, however, I did commend him for his actions because I wanted to acknowledge him.

What are you doing every day as part of who you are to help and assist others?

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Joanne Victoria