Trust your intuition.

No matter how successful you are, uncertainties about your abilities or intellect are forever present. You want to recognize doubt when it appears and quickly discard it, so you can move forward. Your brain, heart, and soul align to help you take action to produce your desired results. Trust in them to tap into your experience and knowledge, and know that they will lead you to your next productive action.

It is time to focus on a resolution. Your success is about this moment, not your past or your future. Take action to discover how to overcome a challenge rather than to show off your intellect. When you focus on a specific result, people more easily support your efforts. Your response to someone involved will seem natural; even though, you know you have tapped into and trusted your vast knowledge bank.

Successful decision-makers realize victory happens only by taking a series of actions. Quick steps have life-changing potential. As you begin to trust in your ability to tap into the power behind your thoughts, you’ll awaken and strengthen your confidence to enable you to conquer the next challenge.

If you don’t specifically ask for what you want, no one will ever know how to assist you. To motivate people, always respect their time and acknowledge their busy lives. In addition, when you respect a person’s time, they become more willing to collaborate in the future.

Clarify your objectives, so they don’t have to think too much about how they can lend a hand. Stay focused on silent reminders that the objective is to discover how to accomplish the task.

Create purposeful conversations around a specific task to accomplish right now. Choose the most pressing issue and ask support for only that specific need. As you take action, you’ll decipher the next action to complete. This provides clarity and specific support for your efforts from the person you asked backing from.

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Joanne Victoria