It’s time to communicate with family, friends, clients, and prospects in a way that works better.

What do I mean you ask? I mean writing notes and letters, by hand, to those who would appreciate a bit of normalcy, intimacy even.

You can call it the old days, however, I think a bit of this cherished form of communication would be appreciated. Letters, cards, and notes that they will read, save, and read again.

Even a love letter.

Who wants a love email or text that could be deleted on purpose or by accident when you can write something to someone that will be kept safely in a place for a very long time, to be removed and re-read often.

When you write something down you focus your full attention on that task. It’s almost impossible to write and think at the same time. You are giving your undivided attention to what you are writing; you are not multitasking when you write.

The act of putting words on paper keeps your thoughts and intentions focused.

Your intention is to communicate in the best way possible short of being in person which is currently a challenge.

Why not give it a go?

Need help? Contact me here and let’s see what we can create together.


Joanne Victoria