Most people are unfamiliar with themselves. They have yet to hold themselves up to the mirror and ask the hard questions. Questions hold power; they draw out answers that usually surprise. And the answers change, especially if you are on the path to higher and clear consciousness.

When I facilitated retreats, we would be in the countryside. A path was already designated and at specific points on the path, they were advised to ask the following question:

‘Who are you now?’

The responses could be different depending on how they perceived what was happening on the path. Everyone had the same path to follow and the same question to respond to and at the same intervals. They were required to record their answers at the moment when they read the question. This occurred several times during the walk.

Afterward, there were the usual grumbles when asked to respond to the very specific question-

‘Who cares?’

‘What a stupid question?’

‘She doesn’t know anything about me!’

‘Nothing has changed – the dirt is still the same.’

However, the path has its challenges and some acknowledged how they were different after they, for example, had to climb some steps or crossed a running creek or were asked to take a break on the path.

If you are on an inner journey to greater self-knowledge, you must seek to understand all the parts of yourself. Our subconscious mind will provide the most enlightening responses.






Joanne Victoria